May 23, 2011

Apple fanboyism is now verified as religion-like

That many Apple product owners defend Apple fervorously is nothing new. I have many times heard comparisons between this behavior and that of religious people defending their faith. It is therefore interesting that this idea has now been put to the test.

It appears that these so-called fanboys display traits, and even have MRI results that are representative of religious people. This corresponds well to the expressions some people have given about the evangelistic types of meets and advertising that is customary for Apple.

It is important to note that not all people fit into this category. Many users find Apple's products convenient, user-friendly, and enjoy the products and services that are now commonplace in relation to their products. There is no sense in drawing any religious analogies where these users are concerned, and any attempt is nothing short of foolish. Apple does deliver quality products despite the brand lockin that customers are indirectly accepting, and I can blame noone for such an interest in these products.

However, as far as fanboys are concerned, and based on the results of the tests that were done, I would personally draw a comparison to fundamental christianism as to the fervorous desire of fanboys to argue in favor of Apple. These are the ones that are seen and heard as they are purposely very vocal, and seem to have a large personal need to 'spread the word'. When presented with argumentation against Apple, product lockin, sesnuring of software, lack of openness, etc, these are never truely refuted by the fanboy, who rather uses bad logic to skirt around the presented issues.

Anyway, it is good to finally know that it is proven pointless to discuss anything Apple with a fanboy, since any logic and reasoning will merely be deflected since it doesn't coincide with their belief system. :)


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