Apr 19, 2007

New gadgets

I can't believe it's been over 2 months since my last entry. I definitely have to change my lazy ways. I guess it isn't going to help much that I just purchased a Nintendo Wii and an LCD TV.

Now, don't go thinking this was some kind of selfish act. I actually didn't get them for me at all. They are for my girlfriend and children. Really! Afting getting everything set up I probably won't even notice them. Ok, maybe an occasional run of Zelda og game of Tennis. Or checking the latest news with the Opera browser that was just released for Wii.

To be honest, it's about time we did this. We haven't actually had a TV in the house at all for years. The Sony KDL-32V2500 isn't the cheapest 32" on the market, but seems to be the most bang for the buck. The reasoning behind using the extra money to buy an LCD TV is all about saving space. We have a small living room, and the TV will be mounted in a wall near the corner that was previously not used for anything. It was actually a useless wall, and luckily the only wall the TV should go on and be comfortable viewable. Talk about being lucky!

I am hanging the TV using a Vogel EFW 6345. It is basically an arm which will allow the TV to swing, tilt and otherwise extend out about 60cm from wall. This decreases the viewing distance by about 20%, giving more of a 'Big Screen' experience. I know, I could have purchased a 40" instead, but this would have upset our fragile technical/economical/personal ecosystem (my girlfriend would either kill me or leave me). The 32" should actually be the perfect size for this room anyway (or so I tell myself).

As far as the Wii is concerned, it's the cheapest console on the market, and although it doesn't support HDTV, it is a fun and interesting gaming system that also allows for internet connectivity. Unfortunately, the Wii doesn't allow for DVD films to be played either which was a bit of a disappointment. Hot having had a TV earlier, I obviously didn't have a DVD player. I am hoping Nintendo will acknowledge the desire for for HDTV and DVD functionality and supply a firmware upgrade to correct this, but I'm not crossing my fingers.

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