Nov 6, 2006

The Techrace blog is now up

After mulling around a while, trying to think up a name, I finally found it. I mean, this is what it's often about for a lot of us out there. People swarming around, looking forward to the next technological advancement, in hope that the next 'must have' item will be the one they really need.

Using that as a reference point, this blog will focus on newer technologies from a user perspective, and what I perceive as the future in computing in general. I have (as if you doubted) a huge interest in computers, a degree in Computer Science, have worked as a network consultant, and am a high school math and computer teacher. I will be pooling all this together when creating this blog. Hopefully, my experience and interests will serve me well on this blog, and that someone out there will get something positive out of this.

Any comment, criticism and advice you may have I look forward to hearing.


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